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Our Free Community Support Services

We provide direct spiritual/pastoral/bereavement support and/or counseling to patients and their families, individuals and couples, youth, and volunteers as needed acknowledging and respecting their beliefs, culture and values related to life’s meaning including suffering and loss and a desire to receive support. We focus efforts on discovering and meeting the needs of a diverse group of people, both internally and externally. Helping them become resilient and persistent, refusing to give up when faced with obstacles, rejection, working cooperatively with others, expressing positive expectations, sharing all relevant or useful information and community resources. We also provide spiritual/pastoral support in accordance with the wishes and needs of the family.

We lead therapy sessions and/or classes so inmates can learn to manage stress, respond rather than react, develop assertiveness (rather than aggressiveness), improve self-talk and self esteem, embrace forgiveness, etc. Use a variety of approaches, depending on training and setting, such as social skills training, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness training, cognitive/behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, problem-solving training and other anger management interventions. 

  • Pre-Marital / Marital Counseling

  • Crisis Response & Trauma Support

  • Acute Stress, Grief, & Loss Support

  • Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Domestic Violence Support

  • PTSD & Combat Trauma Support

  • Anger Management

  • Budgeting / Financial Management

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Awareness, Testing, Linkage, & Counseling