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VW Inc. 2021 Partners:

VW Inc. Mission:

   Our goal is to provide motivational speaking for organizations that target empowerment and community development. We seek to provide educational services in the field of personal development and spiritual leadership, while providing mentorship, coaching, youth programs and camps. We also seek to provide housing, stress management, family dynamics, community safety, academic achievement, higher education, and career development, while distributing publications and course materials in connection therewith. We believe in pulling out the Diamond in the Rough in everyone, so that they shine to their fullest potential. Our goal is to reach men and women of every nationality across the globe. Our goal is to plant, water, as God gives the increase.

                   The Virtuous Woman Inc Team
             Dr. Jennifer D. Long, RMHCI, MCAP, CMHP, CTRP  
                               CEO & Founder                   
           Licensed Notary Public
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Partnering together to form a force of local and international change, while committed to enforcing better standards of living and positive constructive development in our communities.

Our Vision:

We seek to empower, educate, elevate, individuals through seminars, workshops, conferences, group dynamics, and social events. We provide services for those who lack self -esteem, confidence, and the direction needed to achieve their goals and vision.

Our Goal:

The Virtuous Woman, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who is recognized as a public charity under section 170 and all contributions made are tax deductible.

Jennifer D. Long, CEO & Founder

The  Virtuous Woman, Inc.

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